Boko haram threatens to revenge by bringing down Banki


Boko Haram insurgents have threatened to attack Banki a boundary town with Cameroon in desperate revenge against the military for taking down some of their key members and commanders in their campaign to end the lingering war.

Security sources who spoke with the Nigerian Tribune in Maiduguri confirmed that the insurgents sent a daring memo to one of the humanitarian agencies working around Banki threatening that they will soon visit and overrun the place.

One of the sources told the Nigerian Tribune that there was clear evidence that the insurgents have been seen gathering around Kumse and some areas under the jurisdiction of Bama local government area connecting them to Sambisa.

“They started gathering before the fatal incident which occurred along the road  between Pulka and Gwoza some days ago where two military vehicles rode over an improvised explosive device IED which resulted in the death of some soldiers and major injury of others a few days ago

“The injured soldiers from the ambush have since been taken to Bama general hospital where they were given initial first aid treatment before being airlifted to the military hospital in Marmalari contonment

“Indeed the Boko Haram threat to carry out attack on Banki in revenge  for the  killing of some of its members was clearly stated in the letter but the date and time of the attack not specified in the letter.” Said the source.

it was recalled that within the same period, there were indications that insurgents came in large numbers and carried out a complex attack using IEDs and AA gun trucks not far from Kumse.

“Security Forces were reinforced and attack repelled accordingly. In terms of casualty, the only thing I can tell you is that one soldier lost his life and number of wounded still undetermined as at the time of the incident last week”

it was reviewed that five people were reported killed including the carrier of the explosives when the insurgents used a male suicide bomber close to Damara IDP Camp at 1230hrs to waste more lives.

Preliminary analysis also indicated that the incident in Pulka could have been as a result of a shell fired from somewhere and not a suicide bomber. If true, it has implications.

A source also confirmed that a wife of one of the health workers from an International NGO was among those killed in the Ambush which occurred on the road between the MSF clinic and the pharmacy.


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